• Celerity MMX
    8K Video Wall Enabled by Celerity
  • Celerity's Universal Fiber Optic Solutions
    True 8K, Tooling-Free, Error-Free, Detachable Fiber Optic Solutions
    HDMI 2.1, 48Gbps, True 8K @60Hz, 4:4:4. Detachable, Plenum Rated, Up to 1000 ft
  • Celerity's Universal Fiber Optic Multiport Keystone Wall Plate
    Easy to Use, UFO 2x3 Keystone Wall Plate for Coupling Celerity’s Fiber Optic Cables to UFO TX and RX Connectors
  • Celerity’s Fiber Optic HDMI Solutions
    Home Theater 8K Screen with Stunning Picture Quality
  • Celerity’s Gateway Red
    Universal Fiber Optic Multi-Signal Extender. HDMI 2.1, USB 3.2 over a single Universal Fiber Optic cable up to 1000'. Availabe with support for 4K or 8K<>/small>

Celerity Technologies supports True 8K, 48Gpbs & Uncompressed Connectivity --- Scalable, Configurable, and Detachable

Celerity Technologies utilizes our 25 years of experience and innovations in fiber optics and electronics engineering to create AV distribution technology that enables ease and simplification in fiber optic user experience.

We design and manufacture innovative AV connectivity solutions for HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI in video, audio, and their distribution control applications.

Celerity’s Universal Fiber Optic (UFO) Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) Connectors and Controllers provide unmatched features and performance, leading the industry with solutions of longer transmission distance, higher bandwidth video and audio, and complete control. Celerity’s products and solutions provide True 8K resolution, 48Gpbs & Uncompressed Connectivity.

Celerity’s revolutionary Detachable Fiber Optic Connector technology has transformed fiber optic cabling from an expensive and time-consuming installation, to a simple “plug and play” system where no termination tools are needed.

Celerity Technologies supports advanced AV implementations and applications for future generation audio, video, and their control.