• MMX-3U
    MMX 3U
    3U Video Wall Controller, 28 HD inputs x 24 HD outputs
  • MMX-3U
    MMX 3U
    Rear panel, 3U Video Wall Controller, 8 modular I/O slots
  • MMX-3U
    MMX 3U
    Easily setup and connect up to 24 displays
  • MMX-3U
    MMX 3U
    Video wall
  • MMX-3U
    MMX 3U
    Video wall

Celerity Video Wall Controllers

Celerity CT-MMX Series are the 4K Modular Seamless Matrix Switchers with the integrated Videowall Processors. CT-MMX Series matrices apply the FPGA hardware, high-speed Crosspoint video bus, and Embedded Operating System technologies to provide the real-time scaling, switching, and the best video/picture quality for videowall and video distribution applications.

Thanks to benefit of the robust and purpose-built hardware design, Celerity CT-MMX Series are very reliable, flexible, expandable, and affordable. The hot-swappable Input/Output cards can be installed in the CT-MMX chassis at any time according to the requirements and demands without interrupting the continuous operation of the system. That makes the CT-MMX is easy to maintain.


CT MMX Product Sheet

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Powerful Video Wall Controllers

Reliable, flexible, and expandable, CT-MMX series switchers feature 4K seamless performance with hot swappable I/O cards. Any input source may be simultaneiously routed any display or all displays and a separate video wall. Combined with Celerity Universal Fiber Optic Cables and the CT-MMX MPO I/O CARD and the CT-MMX support full resolution signals up to 1000 feet. Configurable via the front panel LCD screen, web interface, or 3rd party control system; the CT-MMX are ideal for multiple source and display installatinos in bars, restaurants, conference rooms, classrooms, and control rooms.


Available MMX 4K@30Hz matrix switcher with built-in video wall controller.

2U Modular 4K@30Hz Matrix Switcher
MAX 12 4K UHD inputs or 12 4K UHD displays
3U Modular 4K@30Hz Matrix Switcher
MAX 28 4K UHD inputs and 24 4K UHD displays
Video Wall Controllers Video Wall Controllers
Video Wall Controllers

Key Features

  • Modular design featuring high-speed Crosspoint video bus and FPGA-based hardware
  • Hot-swappable input and output cards
  • Seamlesss switching and scaling
  • Video wall support
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Output resolution up to 4K@30Hz with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling
  • HDCP 1.4, advanced EDD management
  • De-embedded audio
  • Multiple control methods: LCD touchscreen, RS232 and TCP/IP control via web interface, and/or 3rd party control processors.

Modular I/O Cards

CT-MMX and CT-MMX2 Matrix Switchers feature a variety of hot-swappable cards for felixble configuration of video wall controllers to meet the specific needs of the installation. Should upgrades or additional features become necessary or if a card is damaged or disabled integrators can easily add or swap new cards into the system. Celerity video wall controllers support nearly any type of video sources on any display configuration.

I/O Cards

CT-MMX Input/Output Cards

Input card with 4 HDMI 1.4 ports

Output card with 4 HDMI 1.4 ports

Input card with 4 MPO ports

Output card with 4 MPO ports