Frequently Asked Questions

Why should people use Celerity fiber optic devices?

Celerity has the patents for detachable fiber optic HDMI connectivity. It supports true 8K and 48Gbps data rate. EMI meet medical grade and reach over 1000ft.

What would be the benefit of using fiber optic AV distributions?

Bandwidth and distance will be the major advantages of using fiber for AV distribution. Future proof will have long lasting effects.

How about the cost of Celerity fiber optic devices?

Cost per gigabit in AV link would be a useful indicator. Celerity has True 8K performance and lowest number in cost per gigabit.

I need a single TX or RX detachable connector, can I buy them separately?

Yes, we have individual TX and RX detachable connectors available for HDMI, DP, and DVI. Please contact us directly at or 949.453.9988