The Celerity Story

Celerity Technologies is driven to innovate fiber optic solutions for every cable installation. With more than 25 years of expertise in fiber optics and electronics engineering and a focus on simplifying the fiber optic experience, Celerity Technologies is providing decades of worry-free installations supporting future generation audio, video, and data infrastructure.

Celerity Technologies designs and builds fiber optic solutions for residential and commercial ultra high-definition, ultra high-bandwidth audio, video, and data systems. The revolutionary detachable connector pioneered by Celerity Technologies has transformed fiber optic cabling from an expensive, bulky installation, to a simple “2 Step” system. Celerity Technologies Universal Fiber Optic cables, connectors, and controllers provide unmatched features and future-proof installation, leading the industry with the longest distance, highest bandwidth audio, video, and data connectivity solutions.



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10 Goddard
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