The Technology of Celerity

Celerity Technologies has revolutionized the use of fiber optics for av system applications. As experts in fiber optics and HDMI we have designed a product that answers the needs of av enthusiasts, professionals and installers.

Fiber Optics

Offers the best picture and sound quality without interference or loss of signal integrity. Fiber optic cables are slim and easily hidden and Celerity features a detachable connector cable making it very easy for professional AV technicians to install the fiber optic cable in walls, ceilings, and conduit. Breathtaking.

LED indicators

Celerity includes an LED indicator on the fiber optic connectors. These LEDs are really important and convenient. They let you know that the Celerity Fiber Optic cable is properly working from end-to-end. Confidence.

Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Eliminates the need for connecting a separate audio cable between your TV and AV receiver. Convenient.

No external power supplies

Power is easy to connect with Celerity. Power at the source component (TX - transmit) is drawn from the source HDMI connector using the HDMI "hot plug". At the display (RX – receive), power is easily connected via a USB port on the TV and with the Celerity USB power cable which is wired into the Celerity Detachable HDMI connector. Easy.

Detachable, miniature size

Advanced electronic technology by Celerity has produced the world's smallest HDMI interface for long distance and best picture quality. Celerity Fiber Optic Cables can now be easily hidden and no "black boxes" are necessary and you get plug and play HDMI. Sleek.

Plenum rated and medical grade

Celerity Fiber Optic Cable is plenum rated and UL certified as Optical Fiber Non-Conductive Plenum (OFNP); and the connectors are certified IEC 60601-1 (and others) for medical use. Safe.

Low power consumption

Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI is very efficient as its power needs are limited to very low levels. Green.


Celerity strives for a high degree of HDMI product compatibility to ensure the most reliable connection possible. You can always contact us for assistance. Dependable


Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI doesn't pick up interference nor does it create interference to your entertainment system. As all of the signals being carried are optical light signals, they are completely immune to interference and electronic noise. Pure

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Compact Pro AV Control and Extension

Enabled by Universal Fiber Optic Technologies

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Cost per Gigabit to buy and Energy per Gigabit to operate

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Advanced Signal Processing

Universal Fiber Optic (UFO) for HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI, developed by Celerity Technologies Inc., is the world’s most compact fiber optic extender and offers uncompressed 18 Gbps. Using advanced signal processing, the Celerity UFO module transforms incoming electrical signals to optical signals from the source and reverses back from optical to electrical at the receiver. This allows long-distance signal extension for video, audio, control, and data applications.

UFO modules (TX and RX) support high-speed TMDS information to pass through without loss. TMDS signals are the video, audio, and control data elements of HDMI. The low-speed elements of HDMI, such as SCL, SDA, CEC, ARC/eARC, HPD, and 5V, are the functional signals for HDMI, enabling features such as single-remote control, audio return and efficient power. Four fibers carry the high-speed channels, two fibers carry low-speed channels, and 5V transmitter power is supplied by the HDMI source.

VCSEL and PIN (Photodiode) are elements for the E/O and O/E conversion processes. VCSELs convert current input to light output, and the PIN converts light input to current output. At the sink, 5V power is drawn via a USB power cable on the Celerity UFO-RX connector to an active USB port on display.

Celerity UFO cables incorporate MPO fiber connectors (Multi-fiber Push On) to facilitate fast and reliable connection with no loss of signal integrity.

Download HDMI Signal Flow Schematic here.

Download DP Signal Flow Schematic here.


Celerity is been awarded a number of patents in detachable connector and fiber optic technology.