The Celerity Story

Celerity Technologies develops high performance, easy to use fiber optic products for residential and commercial AV systems. Celerity's first breakthrough innovation, Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI has become successful with professional AV installers for single and multi-room video systems. Celerity's slim fiber optic cable with detachable connectors and high bandwidth makes it easy for installation and provides the ultimate video performance. Today, Celerity Universal Fiber Optic HDMI further enhances performance with its all optical interface connectors and updated technology.

Celerity supports up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 Color and HDR video for sharp and detailed images on Ultra HDTV displays. Enabled by Celerity's 18 Gbps bandwidth technology, HDMI 2.0 is fully supported in Celerity fiber optic cables.

2 Steps to Fiber Optics – Prewire and Connect
Celerity Fiber Optic Cable makes fiber optic connections easy with just two steps – prewire and connect. A small Celerity fiber optic plug on each end of the Celerity Fiber Optic cable connects to the matching connector to the source and display. Celerity UFO provides detachable connector cables with a 6ft fiber pigtail for easier installation for large displays and suspended projectors. No complicated fiber terminations, special tools and testing are required. Celerity is easy, fast and reliable.

Our expertise in optical and electrical design and sensitivity to our customer's needs drive our ambition for new product innovations.



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